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Ensure your books are squeaky clean for the ATO

At Pengwen Bookkeeping, we know managing compliance and dealing with the financial side of the business can be tough. Especially when it’s not your area of expertise.

But the reality is – you need to be across the various levels of compliance to keep the Australian Tax Office (ATO) happy and off your back.

Sometimes, just a few small errors in bookkeeping can lead to large and unexpected, yet avoidable, fines.

From our experience, small to medium sized business owners come to us because they are:

  • constantly being fined due to late BAS lodgements (and other lodgements they were unaware of)
  • overwhelmed with payroll processes
  • lacking clarity around workers’ compensation and superannuation
  • struggling to find time to reconcile their books
  • stumbling their way through accounting software
  • feeling overworked and unable to spend time with the family.

If you’re nodding along to any of these (or perhaps all of them!), our team can step in and take the pressure off.

You can relax knowing we’ll clean up your books until they’re squeaky clean and compliant with the ATO’s requirements.

We’ll provide as much or as little assistance as you need – remotely or face-to-face. And everything will be explained in layman’s terms. No dictionary required!

Business Advisory

With the right support, you can grow the business and realise your dreams.

Do you ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel in your business – going round and round, doing the same things over and over, and not getting anywhere?

Maybe you feel trapped – and wonder whether the time and money sacrifices are worth it?

You might even find yourself thinking “It’s all too much!” or “I didn’t sign up for this!”

But despite those lows, you’re determined to expand your business further and achieve the financial freedom you desire.

We completely understand what you’re experiencing. And that’s where Pengwen Bookkeeping’s Business Advisory comes in.

Through regular meetings, we can help you:

  • review cash flow and budgets
  • assess your assets
  • discuss forecasts and projections
  • set business goals
  • seek ways to improve systems and processes
  • uncover any gaps and recommend suitable professional advisors to assist (e.g. sales and marketing consultants, business coaches, and mentors).

Ultimately, if your business is experiencing growth, but you want something more (without the burnout), we’re here for you. We can teach you how to make the best financial decisions going forward.

If you wish to strive for a better understanding of your finances and experience a positive cash flow future with improved systems and processes, we can guide you in the right direction.


Group and one-on-one training to build confidence with cloud accounting software

When it comes to your accounting software, are you:

  • struggling to understand certain parts (or perhaps every part)?
  • aware you’re not using it effectively?
  • constantly making mistakes?

At Pengwen Bookkeeping, we offer group and one-on-one training to build your confidence with your cloud accounting.

We’re certified in Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks Online – and acknowledge that one size does not fit all. The best accounting software answers your questions and enables you to run your business effectively.

Our team won’t teach you how to become a bookkeeper (or we’d put ourselves out of a job!), but we will teach you how to use the software correctly.

Both general and company-specific training is available.


Jo, you are an analytical numbers expert. When other professional bodies complement me on your services, I know it’s equivalent to the best service Sydney can offer on the realm book-keeping and pre-tax auditing. There needs to be another name for what you do. I know I couldn’t do without you. Thank you

From an individual in relation to their large property protfolio

I am very happy to recommend Joanne Brooker from Pengwen Bookkeeping. I am so happy to have met her as she has been a breath of fresh air in my business. Any time I do not understand my numbers I can just call her and she will give me so much clarity. Thank you. Thank you.

From Amanda at Streamlined organisation

I struggled to put “Joanne fixes all of our messes” into words. I hope the following short paragraph will work: Pengwen Bookkeeping has provided our business with excellent support in the areas of Reconciling, chasing debts, Invoicing and all areas of accounting. Their work has been a major factor in our business’s success, helping it to operate smoothly.

From Laruen at Hogans Plumbing

It has been a struggle to find reliable bookkeeping services. Through a very fortunate casual conversation I was referred to Pengwen Bookkeeping. Joanne and the team at Pengwen have been amazing in helping me to become compliant with the many complex needs of record keeping for small business. Before we engaged Pengwen, trying to keep track of compliance was a constant stress that distracted me from running and growing the business. It’s no coincidence that since engaging Pengwen we have had our best two years of performance and we are up to date with all of our tax reporting, Superannuation, and other regulatory compliance issues, and I don’t have to worry that it has all been done to a high standard. After Pengwen undertook an audit of our award compliance we have made some adjustments to the way we do things to avoid the many traps with awards and pay standards that can trap the busy small business operator who is blissfully unaware of the creeping non compliances that can occur.

From Frank at Hills Bushcare

Dealing with the staff at Pengwen Bookkeeping is an honest pleasure. Questions or queries, no matter how big or small, are managed in a professional and prompt manner. We have always been delighted with the level of customer service received and services provided. – Stevie Walker, National Trade Supplier Pty. Ltd. Based in WA